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Buyer & Seller Tips

Buying a Home

Buying a home can be your most significant investment. The articles below provide detailed information that will assist you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Homeownership

Six Rules for Lazy Investors

My Pledge to Homebuyers


Selling a Home

If you would like to sell your home and get the maximum market value, these articles provide valuable tips to help the entire process go more smoothly.

How Your Home's Market Value is Determined

Tips on How to Sell Your Home

My Pledge to Sellers


Top 5 Hidden Costs of Renting

  1. Opportunity Costs. When you rent, you lose out on the chance of equity – which can mean an increase in your home’s value but, even in a down market, can also mean the chance of ever owning the place you live free and clear.

  2. Income taxes. If you earn above a certain level of income, the income taxes you’re paying as a renter will be substantially higher than they would be if you owned a home and could deduct your property taxes and mortgage interest.

  3. Storage. Many a renter simply has too many personal belongings to stuff into their small apartment, so it’s not uncommon for tenants to also pay for a storage space, without calculating that expense into their “housing” budget.

  4. Costs of improving the property. Long-term renters may paint, replace the flooring, and do other improvements to make the place livable. But since it’s not technically “their” home, when they do move out, all the cash they invested is lost. In fact, some landlords may require them the pay or forfeit deposit money to bring the place back to its original, neutral décor.

  5. Lost deposits. Anyone who has rented more than a couple of apartments is well aware of the chances of losing some or all of your security or pet deposits, no matter how well you care for your home.


Achieving the American Dream, One Homeowner at a time.

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